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Reishi Shell-broken Spore Powder For Enhancing Immunity
Jun 12, 2017


Product information:

Product name: Reishi shell-broken spore powder

From: Duan wood red reishi mushroom

Shell-broken rate: 98%

Appearance: Brown powder

Test method: UV



Why should we break the reishi spore shell?

Reishi mushroom spore has a very hard shell which makes the active ingredient inside is not easy to be absorbed by human body. When the shell is broken, the absorb rate can increase to 45 times than not broken.



Product function:

1. Enhance immunity.

2. Anti-oxidant.

3. Anti-aging.

4. Reduce blood sugar.

5. Ease the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Target users:

1. People who have weakened immune systems and easy to be ill.

2. Middle aged and aged people who lack sleep and lapse memory.

3. People who have high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and high blood sugar.

4. White-collar worker, businessman or other people who drink much and smoke much.

5. People who just finish operation, for enhancing their immunity.


If you are interested in this product, please contact us with no hesitation. Any question please mailto: lltcherish@powderextract.com