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Pay Attention To Female Health, You Can't Miss These Herbal Extracts
Jun 16, 2017

Pay Attention To Female Health, You Can't Miss These Herbal Extracts


Plant extract EstroG-100: for menopausal women's health

EstroG-100 is a hot water extract of 3 kinds of herbs, 3 kinds of herbs are Cynanchumwilfordii Hemsley, Phlomisumbrosa Turcz, Angelicagigas Nakai. From the efficacy of these three plants, the common points are invigorating Qi, promoting blood circulation, strengthening bones and muscles, enhancing the effect of human immunity, and it is a very good health food for menopausal women.


Cranberry extract: improves urinary tract health in women

Organic blueberry Cranberry powder improve the intestinal tract health and urinary tract health.

Maca extract: improves menopausal symptoms in women

Maca extract has an increased estrogen effect on ovulation and is expected to achieve good results in regulating menstruation and helping pregnant.


Silymarin extract: effective against breast cancer

Silymarin's anticancer effect is mainly due to silymarin, which has been shown to inhibit the regeneration of cancer cells and reduce the growth cycle of surviving cancer cells.


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