• Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Powder

    Chinese Herbal Medicine Extract Powder

    Chinese herbal medicine extract powder includes men sex enchancer, such as Epimedium extract,cnidium fruit extract,Siberian Ginseng Extract and so on; Weight loss ingredients, such as Green coffee bean extract,Lotus leaf extract,Bitter melon extract,Guarana seed extract, Garcinia cambogia extract, African mango seed/Irvingia gabonensis extract and Cassia nomame extract; Immue Enhancer:Reishi mushroom /Ganoderma lucidum extract,Panax ginseng root extract,Polygonum multiflorum/fo-ti extract,Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract,Echinacea extract,Astragalus extract,Milk thistle extract,Artichoke extract.

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  • Cosmetic Raw Material

    Cosmetic Raw Material

    Cosmetic Raw Material includs Antioxidant ingredients:Bilberry extract,Blueberry extract, Cranberry extract,Elderberry extract,Acai berry extract,Black rice extract,Black bean extract,Pine bark extract OPCs, Grape seed extract OPCs,Lycopene, Marigold extract and Astaxanthin; Also using fermentation methods produced Arbutin powder, Hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10 as well as polypeptide.

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  • Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powder

    Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powder

    Fruit & Vegetable Juice Powder includes Goji berry powder,Blue berry powder,Raspberry powder, Tomato powder,Coconut powder,Cocoa powder,Papaya powder,Pomegranate powder,Apple fruit powder,Passion fruit powder,Mango fruit powder,Grape fruit powder,Lemon fruit powder,Strawberry powder,Dragon Fruit Powder,Orange fruit powder,Peach fruit powder,and Cherry fruit powder.

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  • Natural Pigment

    Natural Pigment

    Natural Pigment is natural exist in nature world, which extracted or fermented the effective ingredients used as food additives and feed raw material includes Lutein(Marigold extract),Lycopene,Astaxanthin,Curcumin,Chlorophyll,Phycocyanin and Cantharidin.

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